The mixed course will only take place if at least 9 participants are registered! If there are not enough participants, the cost of the remaining open places will be divided among the other participants.

Our seahorse courses are suitable for swimmers with previous knowledge. Graduates of the penguin courses come to our seahorse courses. The goal here is to swim the seahorse badge.

In our dolphin courses various swimming techniques are perfected. The goal of the course is primarily continuous swimming (10 minutes at a time) and diving.

Make-up dates are not possible for organizational reasons.
Refunds for missed lessons will not be given.
Children must attend classes alone.
Accompanying adults/parents may watch from the balcony.
Since our swim instructors are not allowed to be alone in a room with the children, children should be able to go to the bathroom on their own.

Seahorse Badge: (retrieve diving ring from shoulder-deep water, jump off the edge of the pool and swim 25 yards).
Dolphin badge: (swim 10 minutes at a time, retrieve two dive rings in one dive from 1.50 meters depth, 5 meter stretch dive).

Prerequisites: Advanced non-swimmer or swimmer, swimming experience.

Seahorse: Deep diving, distance diving, jumping into the water, backstroke, swimming on the belly
Dolphin: backstroke, swimming on the stomach, endurance training (safe and long swimming), deep diving, distance diving

Units: 8×45 minutes

Course day, time and period: Saturday 16:00 to 16:45 from 25/03/2023 to 10/06/2023.

Dates (do not always take place continuously):


Number of participants: 4 to 6 per swimming instructor

Location: 5 x 10 m pool at the Bildungszentrum Oberjosbach – An der Eiche 12, 65527 Niedernhausen, Germany

Water temperature: 28-29 degrees Celsius